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Trend Alert: Home Interior Color Trends For 2019

Trend Alert: Home Interior Color Trends For 2019 – The year is almost over, which only means one thing: The trends for 2019 have arrived. So, today we are going to talk about the color trends for 2019. Benjamin MoorePPG Paints, and Sherwin Williams have already released their colors of the year. Take a look:

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“Smart technology in the home is driving the color experience differently.” said the Senior Color Designer Sue Kim of Valspar. So, in 2019 we will definitely see higher intensity shades that mimic the edge of artificial light in a way that is “strangely familiar” (and obviously gorgeous).


Trend Alert: Home Interior Color Trends for 2019

The colors that are associated with optimism, bold yellows and oranges are going to rise in 2019. Sherwin Williams‘ Afternoon, a rich and inviting yellow, pairs beautifully with cool blues, beiges, and pinks.


Trend Alert: Home Interior Color Trends for 2019

This color is inspired in nature, deep greens will bring the healing properties of the outdoors into the home, without feeling overly arboreal. Here, PPG’s color of the yearNight Watch” fills a room with a welcoming richness.


Trend Alert: Home Interior Color Trends for 2019

An all-white palette is a classic. Although the pure white is a go-to for many homemakers, 2019 will be the year of “almost-whites.” This shade is a fool-proof choice because it easily adapts to surrounding colors, different lighting, and furniture.


Cavern Clay is Sherwin Williams‘ 2019 color of the year, which is a Southwest-inspired tone. It’s the perfect color for those who want a more elemental, nature-inspired hue with a contemporary twist in their home, this creamy rust will truly shine.

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