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Luxury Pieces For Your Next Design Projects

Luxury Pieces For Your Next Design Projects –  Maison Et Objet 2019 hosted numerous luxury brands that presented their luxury pieces and new products. For that reason, Interior Design Giants decided to show you how you can elevate any new design project with these projects! Take a look:



Luxury Pieces For Your Next Design Projects

One of our absolute favorites, the Mira(age) cabinet by Home’s Society is proof that new designs don’t have to be all about old ideas. Different materials and techniques led to this cabinet that praises the powerful culmination of emotions and self-expression. We love this luxury piece!


Luxury Pieces For Your Next Design Projects

The Oslo Rug by Rug’s Society is a textured, minimalist, soothing piece of contemporary design. In fact, the most thrilling designs have this particular characteristic – to be one with space itself as an organic extension to the whole atmosphere. It feels dynamic and uniform at the same time.


Luxury Pieces For Your Next Design Projects

Retro and vintage-inspired designs also have a place on our list. The Marco Armchair by Essential Home is an innovativmid-century modern design that is influenced by both the past and the future. It’s all about being balanced, elegant and glamorous.


When natural elements become part of our home decor, the final result could only be Naicca Chandelier by BRABBU. This luxury piece reinvents glorious Art Nouveau details through the finest materials, shapes, and textures – all of them connected by exquisite craftsmanship. Simple and Gorgeous!


Luxury Pieces For Your Next Design Projects

Once a dining chair, now an armchair. Some things have changed for the Charla by LUXXU concept but the attitude of this luxury piece has always been the same – to create a harmonious classic ambiance with a modern luxury twist. An everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element.


A different approach to the beloved Pixel Cabinet by Boca do Lobo resulted in a bold, striking, magnificent piece of furniture. Pixel’s colorful character was replaced by warm neutral tones that truly defy all the expectations. A mellow, homely vibe is coming to you and it’s ideal for your living room!


The luxury piece Triptico Suspension Lamp by Boca do Lobo caught everyone’s attention. It was the perfect lighting feature for an art furniture showcase like the one we see on the picture above – sober and playful in equal doses. As exclusive as it gets, it brings the modern classic design back to life.


The Cloud Bed by Circu is a dream come true. Following soft pink tones, this soothing bedroom is perfect for your little princess and she can now become the dreamer of dreams – just like she deserves. Is it magical furniture for a princess? You got it.


Now we have a timeless bookcase that is bound to be the ultimate living room trendsetter. The Waltz Bookcase by LUXXU is a luxury piece that brings the refined elegance you were looking for so long without forgetting the powerful side of simple things. Clear and authentic, every detail shines brightly.


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