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Discover Here The Design Trends And Inspirations For 2019

Discover Here The Design Trends And Inspirations For 2019 – Like Barney Stinson from HIMYM would say “The new is always better” and with the year slowly reaching the end it’s time to make some modifications to our interior decoration. So, pull a chair and discover here the design trends and inspirations for 2019:

Maison Valentina Freestanding Bathtubs



Discover Here The Design Trends And Inspirations For 2019

Most of the bathrooms are white, so in order to stand out this area, you need to go black! Take a look at this inspiration design of Maison Valentina, an amazing and luxurious black bathroom. In case you are interested, the bathtub is called Newton.


The rich jewel tonesbold indigo, hunter and emerald green are extremely IN at the moment. So, let’s decorate our living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms with paints, fabrics, accessories, and rugs in these colors to create drama against a backdrop of white architectural elements.


Discover Here The Design Trends And Inspirations For 2019

powerful ceiling can make your room appear larger, brighter and more memorable than any common accent wall could. If you are running out of ideas or don’t know where to find the perfect chandelier, then you need to see the amazing pieces from Delightfull.


Unlike the bathrooms, you shouldn’t forsake the white patterns and designs for the rest of the house. The secret is to use white 90% with a 10% of color. It will provide a fresh, bold, and youthful look.


Floral Patterns will be the pattern to use in 2019. This kind of patterns will certainly look unique and sophisticated in every single house division.

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Himba Rug

Source: My Design Agenda