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Suspended Styled Bar Stools

Unusual Ways to Incorporate Bar Stools in Your Interiors

By Melanie Cho

The one interior feature that is a must in kitchens of today is either a bar or an island. Not only is it a very practical and functional thing, but having such a feature as part of your kitchen allows homeowners and interior designers to incorporate the one element that is able to truly elevate any style or design of the room. What element you ask? The bar stool.

There was a time when bar-stools were only used in bars, but it can be used in almost any setting. You may choose from a number of differently styled bar stools which complement the overall décor.

Let’s go through the most trendy styled bar stools and how they mesh in different kitchen decors.

Industrial Stools

By far the trendiest style, the industrial stool works exceptionally well to complement the entire kitchen concept. The reason is because, the industrial style is largely based on materials such as rough wood, iron, and stain less steel which are also present in any kitchen décor no matter what.

Also, industrial styled bar stools even with their simple designs reign best in the kitchen décor because of the theme that they are a part of.

Industrial Bar Stools


Suspended Styled Bar Stools

The next big thing in interior design is suspended styled bar stools. Although they don’t exactly fit any particular style, the most defining feature they possess is the fact that such stools are suspended, hence the name.

You must be wondering how such a design can possibly be incorporated in kitchen interior designing but one special characteristic about this particular style is that suspended styled bar stools can be applied into contemporary, modern, rustic, traditional and even industrial styled pieces and design. Due to their suspended nature, the stools are highly functional and can save tons of space.

Suspended Styled Bar Stools

Fabric Seat Styled Bar Chairs

As opposed to leather, the fabric material is more versatile and can be incorporated in various unique ways. This is one reason why leather stools haven’t been given much importance. Fabric comes in an array of different textures, colors and patterns hence giving the opportunity to play and experiment as much as your imagination limits.

Fabric Seat Styled Bar Chairs


Wicker Styled Bar Stools

Although the material is more commonly used to manufacture outdoor furniture, still if used properly wicker can create a charming and pleasingly aesthetic effect in an indoor setting. Incorporating such a style may be slightly difficult but once achieved, can bring a tropical feel into any room.

Wicker Styled Bar Stools


Mid-century Styled Bar Stools

Let us bring attention to the last truly unique design of a bar stool that can be incorporated into the modern kitchen even when its roots are slightly mid century. A design shows off a lot of bold colors and shades, at the same time being almost delicate looking.

Placed in any kitchen setting, this design can bring a classic look while at the same time bringing in modern and graphical elements as well.

Mid-century Styled Bar Stools

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