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Underwater Architecture_Underwater TV studio will become aquarium after 2022 World Cup.

Underwater Architecture: Underwater TV studio will become aquarium after 2022 World Cup

Qatar is looking into the possibility of building the first underwater TV studio for use during the 2022 World Cup, with the intention of converting it into an aquarium attraction after the event.

Patric Douglas, CEO of artificial reef and aquarium design firm Reef Worlds, says the company is creating plans for a underwater broadcast studio on the ocean floor. Funding would be covered by broadcasters eager to use the unique filming location as a base when the emirate hosts the World Cup in 2022.

The site for the proposed underwater broadcast centre would be a carved out area of rock.

A decision on whether or not the project will go ahead will be made in July or August 2015. Reef Worlds has extensive experience working on underwater architecture, with its most notable project in the Middle East being the upcoming Pearl of Dubai project on Dubai’s World Islands peninsula.

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