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Sybille de Margerie infringed copyright at Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez

It is a sad day for Portuguese Design. It has come to Interior Decoration attention that interior designer Sybille de Margerie has copied the design of an awarded furniture piece for the luxurious interior project of Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez, projected by French group SM Design.

Piece of furniture at Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez 

The piece of furniture copied is the limited edition Mondrian sideboard by luxury design brand Boca do Lobo. The copy is now decorating the lobby of the luxury Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez.

Original piece of furniture by Boca do Lobo

Original piece of furniture by Boca do Lobo

Being inspired by design and all things related to creativity, Interior Decoration couldn’t help taking this opportunity to defend all the artists and brands in the world who dedicate their lives making the world a better place with their unique works, which deserve all the respect we can give.

It’s never too much to stress out the importance of copyright, which gives the holders of intellectual creations in the literary, scientific and artistic domain the exclusive right to dispose of their work and use it, or allow their use by third parties, in whole or in part.

We, at Interior Decoration, declare ourselvs against copies and defend the authenticity of original works by respecting them and their authors.

Therefore, I completely disapprove the actions of group SM Design and Interior Designer Sybille de Margerie who signs the interior design project Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez.

Please help defending authors and be against the violation of copyright. Copies have absolutely no value whatsoever.