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Swedish Furniture Brand Hem Expands Abroad w Online Shop (1)

Swedish Furniture Brand Hem Expands Abroad with Online Shop

Sweden’s furniture brand Hem, named after the swedish word for “home”, has lately become increasingly popular in the design world. The purpose behind Hem’s creation is for it to be a next-level, high-end version of IKEA, with an embedded online shop and free shipping on all furniture pieces, and it has now debuted its first abroad pop-up shop in the US in SoHo, Manhattan.

Hem is renowned especially for its cutting-edge scandinavian-style design of modern minimalist furniture, its user-friendly prices and the accessibility of its embedded free shipping online shop. Hem collaborates with designers such as Luca Nichetto, Max Lamb, and Philippe Malouin so as to achieve its signature sophistication.

Their US warehouse, and the lack of a retail schedule to keep up with makes it easy for all furniture to be sales-ready in a timely, professional manner that assures distribution within 5 days, rendering their clients’ satisfaction. And for the record, no, there’s no typo there. 5 days.


Hem is available in 34 different countries, the US being their largest market. Despite this, they have no permanent physical retail facility other than its HQ in Stockholm. Therefore, this pop-up in NYC is the first chance for firsthand purchases outside of Sweden.

Petrus Palmér, the founder of Hem, is a creative who’s previously worked for many Swedish design companies. From its start, Hem has grown to offer an inventory of some 300 products and it has been referred to as the “Everlane of decor” for its original, high-quality products and moderate prices. This year Palmér’s team launched Hem Pro an e-commerce site for architects, designers, sellers and customers, setting Hem up to be the next IKEA.


Interior Design Giants looks forward to evaluating and reporting on Hem’s progress, which we are sure has many surprises in store for us.


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