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New Creative Studios Complex by Bryan Adams and Feilden Clegg Bradley (1)

New Creative Studios Complex by Bryan Adams and Feilden Clegg Bradley

The British architecture practice Feilden Clegg Bradley has joined forces with the one and only music icon Bryan Adams to refurbish Spreehalle, an abandoned factory building in southeast Berlin for the opening of a creative studios complex with artist ateliers.

London-based Feilden Clegg Bradley is a London-based architecture firm that specializes in hospitality design, from education, housing, masterplanning and urban design, to places for art and the creative reuse of historic buildings.

The 1910 building is located in Treptov-Köpenick, Berlin and used to be a part of an industrial complex belonging to AEG, an electronics brand in Germany. Bryan Adams bought it in 2013 and got in touch with Feilden Clegg Bradley for help to renovate it. He also received support from local studios Hoidn Wang Partner and Sauerzapfe Architekten.

Together, they renovated the original brick-lad building and its extensions and turned them into separate lofts, offices and galleries to be used by different creatives, small businesses and also Adams’s own photography studio.

Feilden Clegg Bradley called the design for the ateliers “industrial, simple, straightforward but above all indeterminate. (…) The idea behind the scheme is to provide ‘raw space’ – space and volume to be fitted out by the end users”. The factory’s hall now divides itself into two wings on each side of the open courtyard that precedes it. A section of the roof was removed to create this communal area but its metal framework was left in place for visual purposes.

Each window leads to a large room, one of which is intended to lodge a café or bookshop, making the building meet the necessary requirements to become a mixed-use complex. A new extension on the east side edge of the building allows for the studio to be enlarged, should it ever lack space. Additionally, an office wing on the west side was adapted to accommodate eight more studios.

It’s always good to see high-end architects and artists working together to improve the quality of life of those who hope to one day share their fate. Stay tuned on Interior Design Giants for more updates on the work of the world’s top designers and architects.


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