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Milan Design Week 2015: Trends you need to know by Jaime Hayon FAVN Sofa by Jaime Hayon for Fritz

Milan Design Week 2015: Trends you need to know by Jaime Hayon

Ignore the market!” Analysing trends and listening to what consumers want will ultimately result in bad design, said Jaime Hayon, from Hayon Studio. “If I listen to the market, I’ll be designing crap because many times it’s good not taste, it’s excessive”.

He believes that brands and designers should “ignore the market” and pursue quality rather than trying to please the masses and follow trends. Convincing a company to disregard their customer’s preferences is not an easy task, but he thinks this is the only way to achieve the best results.

During Milan Design Week Jaime Hayon will be presenting some new Projects that promises to be incredibly different, pure design, innovation at all. Car brands BMW and MINI have enlisted Jaime Hayon and Alfredo Häberli to create mobility-themed installations.




In his collection we also can see some beautiful and pure design pieces. Have a sneak peek of it. Could this be a trend? He is right about ignoring the market?

Swarovski Sparkle Shady By Jaime Hayon

FAVN Sofa by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen 

Table by Jaime Hayon

Bisazza Home By Jaime Hayon

BD Showtime Collection By Jaime Hayon

Camper Shoes By Jaime Hayon

Crystal Candy by Jaime Hayón

Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid in 1974. He was named Best Interior Designer in November 2014 by the prestigious magazine Fuera de Serie and the“People of the Year Award” recognises Hayon as a leading figure in Interior Design.