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Jean-Louis Deniot: Interiors – Book

Written by Diane Dorrans Saeks, this is the first book about the work of Jean-Louis Deniot, one of the TOP Interior Designers in the world, that is already being compared to greats designers such as Jacques Grange and Alberto Pinto. This book demonstrates a new, sophisticated classical style that is changing the scene for international design and offering inspiration and ideas to decorators, homeowners, and antiques enthusiasts. Deniot is an architect first, ensuring that the interior architecture of his rooms is harmonious before giving a neoclassical approach to the decor. He brings education, logic, and design history to his work, with one eye looking at the most refined style of French eighteenth century and one eye on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. His mix is highly individual and includes contemporary art and custom-made furniture, yet his rooms always look comfortable and are never overly formal or trendy. Just take a look at some of his best projets!

Bedrooms:     Bathrooms:   Dining rooms:   Work rooms:   Furniture: Kitchen:   Enjoy the book and the beauty!