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tile for bathroom

Ideas for your bathroom tile

Bathrooms are often put in a low priority when it comes to styling and spending. But that is not a smart decision. Consider how vital it is as part of your everyday life. Should it not be valued? Let’s look at how you can make it a better space just using some creative tiling.

Tile comes in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures, it’s a great way to brighten up an otherwise sterile space. Stone, glass and porcelain tile are great additions to your bathroom floor, backsplash or shower wall, especially if you add an interesting chevron or herringbone pattern. As you get ready to boost your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, be sure to consider all your material and placement options.

Here are 20 ideas I hand picked.

Classic pattern with some mild colors going.

Funky geometric tile, clean and futuristic looks.

A large stone colored tile and the raw wooden seat  give this bathroom a lot of visual strenght.

Very vibrant pink tiling, looks like soap.

Very clean and efficient bathroom.

Natural patterns on this tile mixed with wooden accents.

Amazing shower head, and the tile is so colorful!

Looking like fish scales, these tiles really take you underwater.

Not exactly tiling, but i had to include this one, just amazing work using these rocks that water polished over time.

Green chevron tiling and a gold shower head are a luxurious mix.

3D cube tile.

Why not mix things a little?

Glass miniature tiles.

So blue! Reminds me of a pool underwater.

Just Black and Gold, can’t go wrong.

Amazing texture on these large tiles.

Crazy effect these little tiles create.

It doesn’t have to be square all the time. Really good looking color scheme as well.

Hexagons working it.

Colorful chevron tiling to wrap it up.