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/ Decoration Empire



This dutch brand has come to predominate over the years, through the great contrasts in trends and cultural combinations. The main objective of Decoration Empire is to create the ideal environment for each of their clients home. This brand develops projects in six different areas. In the “architecture”, with most classic trends more modern and always following the concept of the work for its design. Many of the “fabric” and upholstery need to be imported, because in Holland there is no business in this business to offset demand.



This way, this dutch brand imports 90% of carpets as well as comes from California and China the custom wallpaper. In “interior decoration“, we find excellent quality and a great combination of art multinational. As regards the “arts and antiques”, this brand considers collecting a matter of taste for empire of the decor, which includes objects, chairs, paintings and works of art. The “floor” is the repair of flooring projects that are in process of restoration. Finally, the “office prototyping”, which consists in organizing and decorating workspaces. One feature that enhances all environments is a mixture of different styles, cultures and countries around the intrinsic furnishings and decor. The specified that integrate into the main motivation of the brand, creating a home for each particular client.