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Minsk, Belarus is the home for this exquisite, sophisticated and refined decoration loft,  and a “ unusual type of”. The colors used in this project makes it different, something  that earned special attention of the Russian designer Alexander Uglyanitsa.

Is a space full of different spaces , and each piece and space are distinguished from each other., by it color or elements . This apartment consists of a mixture of materials such as: wood, bricks, fusing the urban style with the industrialist.

In major cities, loft decor is the trend, and there are amazing tips, objects, materials that can give the space a vibrant and industrial look like the amazing Rusty Pipes.

The huge windows, were thought to have natural light entering in the loft and a brighter environment, making the “colors” to live within it, and also offering  a wonderful view.

The structure of this apartment, loft style, was designed to give more privacy to the office which was built strategically on the 1st floor. And here are lots of images for you to get inspired.





The emerald green sofa is an important appointment, following the trend Color 2013.






The walls made of brick, metal staircase, the tubes, they give you an almost industrial environment and old abandoned factory, fused with the modern touch that this designer gave him, the result of a very exceptional, fun and very sophisticated.







There is even an intentional asymmetry, being the highest ceiling in the living room and lower in the rest room space, which assigns an asymmetrical style but really a strong concept.