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Amazing Shipping Container Homes

Amazing Shipping Container Homes

By Jane Blanchard


Modern Exterior by New York Architects & Building Designers Resolution: 4 Architecture

Shipping container homes are getting a lot of attention as of late, likely thanks to them being a green alternative to traditional building materials. Plus, there’s just the whole coolness factor of living in a home made out of metal boxes. Skeptical? Check out these amazing homes that exude uniqueness, luxury, and style without compromising on design, structure, and functionality. You might just find yourself ready to move.

Build Up

Modern Exterior by Philadelphia Architects & Building Designers Studio Agoos Lovera

When you can’t build wide, build high. This gives you a chance to incorporate some awesome windows and balconies to really gain that wow factor. This container home combines both wood and metal elements to exude a modern style that’s comparable to any traditional home.

Accessorize Your Home


Contemporary Entry by Sydney Architects & Building Designers Asa Architects

Just like any traditional home, sometimes all it needs is a little accessorizing to spruce it up. Container homes are no exception. The slanted roof, wood bridge, metal railings, siding, and letting nature do its thing can bring a home to life. This home connects different areas of the house to the outside, giving the elevated container a natural fit. The curvy lines of the attached bridge softens the straight lines of the design.

Customize a Roof


Contemporary Exterior by New York Architects & Building Designers House Port LLC/Hally Thacher

The awesome aspect about shipping containers is that you can style and design your own roof. If you’re willing to brave it, you’ll reap in energy-efficiency benefits, shelter protection, and unique design qualities. The large canopy design gives this home a resort-like environment. Need to relax a little?

Embrace the Open



Modern Exterior by New York Architects & Building Designers JENDRETZKI LLC

Via: Houzz

Feel like you’d be a little boxed in with a container home? Claustrophobia problem solved. Use one side of the home to completely open up the space. Not only will you have ample patio deck space, you’ll provide an airy and spacious feel to your container home.

Interior Designing is Endless


Industrial Bathroom by Mirabel General Contractors Les Collections Dubreuil

You’re not limited to metal walls and cramped space just because you have a container home. If anything, you’re more at an advantage to splurge on luxury materials to decorate your home because of the smaller space and open design. Getting creative with your space might just prove to be the best project to create your dream home.

Expand Your Living Space


Modern Garage And Shed by Austin Home Builders Sett Studio

A small container home is the perfect excuse to expand your living space. A home office, guest suite, teenager’s bedroom, playhouse, or even a man cave. The options are endless.


Modern Exterior by New York Architects & Building Designers Bates Masi Architects LLC

Container homes could make the dream house you’ve always wanted without compromising on functionality. Have you caught container fever yet? It’s hard to shake it once you’ve got it.


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